Delivery / Site Prep

We offer Tilt bed and Landoll service for empty ISO shipping containers. Please let us know what your situation is so we can assist you. We pride ourselves on providing courteous, prompt and professional service..


Type of Trucks 

FOR 20’ Containers - TILT BED

  • 65 feet of straight pull out
  • 16 feet of overhead clearance
  • 10 feet of width

Once the container is loaded onto the flatbed, the driver tilts the flatbed trailer so the back end of the unit touches the ground, the truck is driven away and the unit is placed on the ground.

For 40’ Containers – LANDOLL

  • 120 feet of straight pull out
  • 16 feet of overhead clearance
  • 12 feet of width


Site Conditions

Storage Container locations should be on a flat and level and dry surface, preferable gravel, asphalt or concrete. If you want to drop it on the ground, please be aware of the weight of the container and if the area accumulates water as the unit can settle in over time.

Please make us aware of gates or security access, extra weight, excess mileage, dirt roads or rough conditions. Additional charges may be assessed if not notified while placing the order.

AMS is not responsible for any damage to utilities, irrigation, landscape, driveways, culverts and all other objects in path of delivery.

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Door placement

Please let us know the direction the doors should face upon placement. When delivered, imagine the way the truck will enter and whether the doors will need to be towards the back of the truck, or towards the front/cab of the truck.