Celebrating 19 Years!


One month minimum, no long term contracts
We bill for a full month, not 28 days. Industry standard is 28 days cycle, which equals to a 13th bill each year
We bill for the 1st month rent, initial delivery and final pick up on first invoice
Delivery charge is based on distance/mileage and whether the container is loaded or empty


We deliver a storage container to you.

10’, 15’, 20’ and 40’ units available
Next Day Delivery in most cases, Same Day Delivery in extreme circumstances
No Truck Rental or Driving, No gas & mileage charges
No Need to leave home
Ground Level access for easier loading/unloading
No Loading ramps
Storage Container is All Steel and Secure
Pack and Unpack at your leisure
No stairs, hallways, no carts and elevators, no hassles!
You determine your schedule, no time restrictions

No more multiple trips from your house to a self storage facility

Rental Storage Containers

Advanced Mobile Storage, Inc. offers door to door rental storage containers at your home or business. We provide steel storage containers to your site or home for your portable storage container needs. 

Advanced Mobile Storage, Inc. has been providing quality steel shipping containers for many years with a wide selection of products and services to choose from. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our rental storage containers.

All of our rental containers have three locking systems (See images below #1-#4):

This unit shows all 3 locking systems.
Cam Levers on each door, minimum 1 cam lever per door. Some may have 2 cam levers per door, which would be a total of 4 areas to place locks.
Lock Box that requires a round Disc Lock
Heavy Duty Slide Bolt with round Puck Lock


Advanced Mobile Storage, Inc. was founded in 1998 and is a family owned and operated business.